This training avoids typical mistakes in the cleanroom

With this training you will avoid typical mistakes in the cleanroom.

Suddenly you're in charge of cleanrooms? You are faced with a mountain of tasks? You do not know how to cope with them?
Do you have a basic understanding of the processes, technology and behaviour in the cleanroom, but would like to update your knowledge? For example when it comes to the daily cleaning of the workplace or dressing in the airlock?
Employee management in the cleanroom was not one of your tasks until now? And now you are asking yourself how to put together a team, train employees and regulate responsibilities?
Or have you been in charge of cleanrooms for a long time and want to structure your everyday work better?
We know the challenges you face as a cleanroom manager and know what you need to master your everyday work.

We offer you customized training courses

*At the moment we offer all cleanroom trainings, workshops and courses in German only.

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Frank Duvernell – fascinated by the pure

As a teenager I cleaned cars at a gas station to supplement my pocket money. The guy at the gas station told me, "Imagine that car was your own." So I was very thorough. This thoroughness became the basis of my professional life.

Cleaning is not the same as cleaning
When I founded profi-con GmbH in 1985, there was no sign of thoroughness in many cleanrooms. I remember cleanrooms where dust fluff populated the floor and staff worked with open zippers. Cleaning them was no challenge for me. What really fascinated me: removing dirt that was not visible but measurable. You can't get far with cleaning.

In cleanroom cleaning, the motto "a lot helps a lot" is often applied. I do not think much of it. If you want to clean a cleanroom, you need a sensible concept. Those responsible often lack the necessary knowledge. Many are immediately made cleanroom managers and are then not only overwhelmed with the cleaning process - even if they have the technical knowledge. How do I lead a team? How do I delegate? How do I pass on knowledge? How do I deal with suppliers? They lack answers to such questions.

Away from Scheme F
That is why I decided to offer training courses for cleanroom managers. I wanted to give them ideas on how to rethink work processes in their cleanroom - from the distribution of tasks to the efficient use of materials. Away from scheme F, towards well thought-out solutions. Today, for example, I explain in my courses that floors in cleanrooms do not necessarily have to be cleaned once a month. Those who do it properly only have to do it four times a year.

With the approximately 1000 square meter Cleanroom Campus I have fulfilled a dream in 2019. There I will not only impart knowledge, but also competence. That's why the technical center (with sluices, work tables, workbenches, airflow simulation and so on) is very large compared to other providers. During the training there, I can see immediately whether someone can actually implement what I explain to him.

Motivating employees with color
However, the training courses are not only about technical matters, but also about networking cleanroom managers so that they can learn from each other. And it's all about creativity in the cleanroom - one of the things that is close to my heart. I can well understand why employees in cleanrooms are not very motivated. Optical coldness does not encourage top performance. But a friendly working environment does. I would like to sensitize cleanroom managers to the topic of motivating room design. My demand: "Let's make it colourful." By the way, the media technology company Med-El in Austria shows how easy and inexpensive a colour-psychological room concept can be implemented. Watch this video to see what Med-El has achieved with a new room design.
Like I said, I'm thorough. Much more so now than I was at the gas station. I want to keep an eye on every nook and cranny of the topic "working in a clean room". That's why I'm always curious: I constantly look around in other sectors, initiate congresses, play a major role in the Cleanzone trade fair, write out awards and collect information on digitalization, artificial intelligence, Big Data, Small Data, automation and the Internet of Things. In 2017, my collection of knowledge even resulted in a book: "Using Cleanroom Technology - Now. Now. Next. Future", which is still very up-to-date.

And I am still looking for new ideas and inspiration. Do you have any suggestions? Do you know of a best practice case? Then send me an e-mail! I am already looking forward to welcoming you as an insider on or at my courses, seminars and events on the Cleanroom Future Campus.

Make your cleanroom fit for the future

Are the demands of your customers growing? And do you have the feeling that the competition might outpace you? Do your employees not behave optimally in the clean room? We can show you how:

- you increase your efficiency with innovative tools.
- motivate your employees to achieve their best performance with the help of colour-psychological interior design
- train your employees to improve processes and avoid costly mistakes

Cleanroom Future is your partner in the joint design for the future challenges for more efficiency, creativity and innovation in cleanrooms.

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    The activity and creativity of Frank Duvernell is very important for the cleanroom industry. The Cleanroom Future Campus offers the industry unique opportunities for further education to see further. I recommend that every newcomer to the industry, and of course every cleanroom manager, attend further training courses in Wangen. Especially the training for cleanroom managers is really something! With common sense and the deepening knowledge to operate cleanrooms reasonably and economically, not for the sake of the cleanroom, but with the product and the customer in focus.
    Disruptive innovations and the topics of the future are the driving forces of this enterprise. A long and very good cooperation connects me with the mastermind and visionary Frank Duvernell, who inspires in many things and gives valuable thought-provoking impulses for the future of the cleanroom industry. Highly recommended!
    I have been working with Frank Duvernell and ProfiCon for 15 years. CleanRoomFuture is the logical and consequent further development of the steep development of ProfiCon and its cleanroom vision. The campus is the ideal place to hold training courses and operate a network. I am excited and look forward to many more joint projects, especially in the food sector. Because the CleanRoomFuture idea also corresponds to my vision for food production: safe, in sufficient quantity and healthy - for a secure future for our children.
    Always a good cooperation!!! Forward thinker, lateral thinker - simply exactly what you imagine a Cleanroom Future Campus to be. Like always, great job Frank Duvernell...
    Again and again a good cooperation and something about the future thinking of Cleanroom Future and Frank Duvernell. I'll definitely be back for one of the next seminars.
    Ideal rooms for our training courses. Course participants also have the opportunity to discover new products through the exhibition.
    When it comes to training and education there is no way to not talk with cleanroom future and with Frank Duvernell in particular. His more than 30 years experience in cleanroom technology will help all customers to bring their knowledge, behavior and know-how forward regarding any topics related to cleanroom technology.

    Frank Duvernell's recommendation for the future

    The fourth industrial revolution - Industry 4.0 - is in full swing. Technology trends such as the Internet of Things, Smart Factory, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, robotics or Big Data are drastically changing our production and working worlds.

    Self-propelled cars, clothing that can measure fever and trend assessments of leading minds. You can read about this and much more in my book Now. Next. Future.

    With the purchase of this book you support the association Kindersinn e.V., because the complete amount is donated to this association. Kindersinn e.V. wants to help disadvantaged children and young people. The association promotes tolerance towards other cultures and religions.

    "We thank Frank Duvernell very much for his generous donation of the book proceeds! This will enable us to continue to finance and promote our projects, such as Leipzig street children, children's sponsorships in Leipzig and author readings in base schools for reading and spelling difficulties. Because: everyone deserves a chance. Especially children and young people, the weakest in our society...", says association spokesman Klaus Kieswimmer.