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Cleanroom Future is your partner in joint design for more efficiency, creativity and innovation in cleanrooms.

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Cleanroom Future promotes efficient cleanroom operations, creative solutions to cleanroom building, and a commitment to addressing future-related topics. Opt for Cleanroom Future as your platform and take advantage of our network, our expertise, and our forum to discuss and exchange the latest knowledge. We offer a host of resources that can help you optimize your approach to cleanroom management.

Cleanroom Future can help you achieve maximum productivity by improving:
• The use of measurement technology
• Qualifications
• Employee communication
• Documentation
• Employee training concepts
• The use of disposable supplies and materials

To gain a better understanding of the tasks, requirements and goals, enroll in Cleanroom Future’s training program and become a certified cleanroom manager.

Training Course for Certified Cleanroom Managers

With this training, cleanroom users ensure a maximum of safety and quality for the processes in their ongoing operations. Optimum handling with man and material requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Cleanroom managers who do not yet have this experience have the opportunity to benefit from the many years of expertise and experience of the cleanroom expert Frank Duvernell. In four days, fundamental knowledge will be presented both theoretically and practically in spirited and alive manner. Participants will learn important basics to better manage processes, identify and eliminate risks, increase employee productivity and better evaluate suppliers. After completing this course to become a cleanroom manager, participants will be able to develop a more economical, safer and compliant cleanroom strategy for day- to-day operation..

Target group Managers from cleanroom operations, cleanroom managers, operations managers/plant managers
Module 1 Basics
• Tasks of a cleanroom manager
• Quality management and Standard Operating Procedure
• Cleanroom classes, standards and guidelines
• Risk analysis
• Required measurement technology
• Carry out and evaluate measurements
Module 2 Qualification and optimization
• Qualification and optimization
• Requirements for clothing systems
• Optimize airlock design
• Floor renewal, filter change and lighting
• Conversion during operation
Module 3 Dealing with personnel
• Personnel recruitment and retention
• Training concepts, employee qualification and success control
• Tips for dealing with tradesmen and maintenance personnel
• Leadership, communication and motivation
Moduel 4 Excellence in cleanroom behavior
• Basics for optimum behaviour in different cleanroom classes
• The human being in a cleanroom
• Behavioural information in the cleanroom
• Hygiene
Module 5 Excellence in cleanroom cleaning
• Fundamentals of professional cleanroom cleaning
• Selection of equipment
• Selection of consumables
• Test methods for the control of cleaning performances
Module 6 Cleanroom strategy
• Creation of a Cleanroom Intelligence
• Define Processes
• Quality Management for Audit Security
• Management of employees
• Profitability and procurement strategies
• Modern cleanroom design
Final examination
Day 1: Module 1, 9.30am – 4.30pm
Day 2: Module 2, 9.30am – 4.30pm
Day 3: Module 3, 4 and 5, 9.30am – 4.30pm
Day 4: Module 6 and final examination, 9.30am – 4.30pm

Attendance fee CHF 4200,00 plus VAT 7.7%

Email: info@cleanroomfuture.com
Phone CH: +41 32 631 32 33
Phone GER: +49 341 2308 11 55

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24. -27. March 2020 Cleanroom Future Campus, Wangen an der Aare (CH)

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Your Cleanroom Future Team

Frank Duvernell - President

After more than 34 years of cleanroom experience I started 2018 project: Cleanroom Future, the cleanroom platform for consulting and training. With us you can optimize your cleanroom operation.

When I founded profi-con GmbH Contamination Control in 1985, the cleanroom industry was still far away from today's standards. Since then I have been enthusiastic about keeping cleanrooms clean and I train staff for this special working environment. In the meantime, decades of practical experience and accumulated experience have made me a recognized expert and trainer across all industries. I personally bring this expertise to my cleanroom training courses: in 2008, these activities resulted in the ReinraumAdademie in Leipzig and the CleanroomAcademy in Switzerland. Meanwhile, I am bundling these activities on the Cleanroom Future Campus.

In 2012, together with other cleanroom enthusiasts and Messe Frankfurt, I developed a trade fair format that brings together all cross-sectional sectors - including microtechnology, aerospace, surface coating, plastics processing, medical technology, pharmaceuticals, pharmacies, optics, automotive, food and many more. This has become the Cleanzone: international trade fair and congress for cleanroom technology in Frankfurt/Main. Since then, it has been held annually in autumn, 2020 on 18-19 November.

An additional impulse for innovation and creativity in the cleanroom industry will hopefully be provided by the prizes I have created: The Cleanroom Future Award for technological excellence, sustainability and innovation as well as the Creative Prize - it is the world's first prize that honours aesthetics and creativity in the cleanroom environment.

In the same year I also published a new industry magazine: Cleanroom Future Magazine was published from July 2012 to July 2019 in German and English. It offered a quarterly, cross-industry overview of the latest cleanroom topics - in reports, news and commentaries. The magazine did not print any submitted templates and was always independent of advertising customers. For eight years, Cleanroom Future Magazine was able to report according to journalistic standards.

What I wish for: You have experience in theory and practice, or you know a best practice case? Send me an email! I am already looking forward to welcoming you as an insider on cleanroomfuture.com or at my courses, seminars and events on the Cleanroom Future Campus in Wangen a. d. Aare, Switzerland!

René Dreyer

Technical Coordination

+49 341 2308 11 55

Tina Eich

Event management

+41 32 631 32 33


Do you have any further questions or would you like to contact us? Talk to us or send us a message.

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Phone office GER: +49 341 2308 11 55

Frank Duvernell's recommendation for the future

The 4th industrial revolution – Industry 4.0 – is presently riding a high wave. Technological trends – like, to mention just a few – Internet of Things, Smart Factory, 3D-Print, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Big Data – are not only dramatically changing our global manufacturing approaches but also our present working environments.

self-driving cars, clothing that can measure fever and trend assessments of leading heads. You can find out all this and much more in my book Using Cleanroom Technology - Now.Next.Future.

With the purchase of this book you support the association Kindersinn e.V. and the complete amount will be donated to this association. Kindersinn e.V. would like to help disadvantaged children and young people. The association stands up for tolerance towards other cultures and religions.

"We thank Frank Duvernell very much for his generous donation of the book proceeds! This will enable us to continue financing and advancing our projects such as street children from Leipzig, children's sponsorships in Leipzig and author readings in base schools for reading and spelling weaknesses. Because: everyone deserves a chance. Especially children and young people, the weakest in our society...", says association spokesman Klaus Kieswimmer.